…Safety is about people…you really can’t capture the essence of safety if you don’t understand what people value…”

About Us

Bastion’s roots are deep in many industries. Our experience includes construction, manufacturing, hydrocarbon, utility, plastics, and even food. We understand that each client is unique, and take the time to understand needs, and then craft expert solutions. We pride ourselves on accuracy, speedy delivery, and incredible support…with a smile. Every product or service we recommend is vetted or audited throughout development. The end result is a solid, reliable product or service that has been tested prior to your consideration.  Looking to take your business to the next level?  We’ve proved especially effective in helping customers attain “Blue Chip” clientele.

With origins in Alberta, Canada we have serviced clients spanning all of North America, with experience in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Winnipeg – and just about everywhere in between.

We are excited about Bastion and know that you will be too.  Curious?  Reach out, and learn why Bastion is better.

Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in national COR Certification.
Bastion Safety Solutions utilizes an award winning software (2019)
Bastion Safety Solutions uses an award winning software. (2019 Award)
Bastion Safety Solutions uses and award winning software (2020 award)
Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in Alberta COR Certifications

Our Products and Services Include:

  • COR Certification & Maintenance

  • Health & Safety Management Systems

  • Maintenance Management Systems

  • Internal Auditing

  • Technical Consulting (Safety & Technical Expertise)

  • Public Speaking Engagements

  • Safety Professionals – Temporary Placement

  • Electronic Safety Management Systems

  • Enterprise Asset Management Systems

  • Administrative Automation

  • Business Management Software

  • Contractor Maintenance Systems

  • Records Management

Bastions Organizational Values:


Google defines it as “the quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles. Moral uprightness”. Do the rules of “right and wrong” apply to business? Yes they do, and we practice them. We won’t propose anything you don’t need.


We consistently produce outstanding products and results.  We understand knowing your product is important. But knowing your market, and your target client is equally important. We have expertise in most industries (construction, maintenance, industrial, commercial, residential, food, agriculture, plastics…)   If you bring us something new, we’ll take the time to understand it and work with you to develop a solution that you will be proud of.


Merit can be interpreted as “the quality of being particularly good or worthy”.  This is the overarching value we apply when developing client or industry solutions.  We don’t do “Half Baked”.  If we believe something needs doing, we evaluate the options, make a plan and execute it.  If we find that we aren’t satisfied with the previously mentioned options – we create new options.  We don’t deal in 2nd class solutions.

How to Save with Online Training

Single Seat Purchases

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Bulk Seat Purchases

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All Access Packages

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Safety is Built in to Success.  Contact Us.