A Powerful Business Management Software

A Business Management Software must be accommodating to a large number of tasks. In order to be successful, it must combine many functions that reach into the operational, safety, and auditing tasks within a company. It should provide features such as complex multi-level approval procedures, assignable tasks, and whistleblowing abilities to identify unfinished responsibilities. Above all, you should be able to track these items at a glance. Once you’ve established a base level of functionality, you need to apply your processes to it. This will take shape in the form of different “Management Systems”. Think of these as “middle management”. They all need to report up to the first (decision making) level to contribute to the big picture. These take the form of safety (SMS), assets (EAM), purchasing, environmental, and client management systems.

Thankfully, Bastion has already done the heavy lifting. Our award-winning software can manage, and report on anything from your COR certification to your client maintenance programs, and more. Customize any process, and easily connect your organization with reminders, notices, forms, requests, sign-offs, and action items. All available through our web-based interface, or our Apple, and Android apps. The sky is the limit. We can even maintain separate client equipment databases for service, and record-keeping. If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, it’s time to consider Bastion. To dig in a little deeper click the buttons below.

Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in national COR Certification.
Bastion Safety Solutions utilizes an award winning software (2019)
Bastion Safety Solutions uses an award winning software. (2019 Award)
Bastion Safety Solutions uses and award winning software (2020 award)
Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in Alberta COR Certifications

Employee Management Highlights

  • Custom Online Orientations

  • Robust Employee Training & Onboarding.

  • Succession Training & Planning

  • Certification Management

  • Life Cycle Employee Management

Safety Management Highlights

  • COR Compliant Documentation

  • Customizable Workflows

  • Smart Tasks: Assign & Track From Any Device.

  • Incident Management

  • Worker Health & Record Management

Asset Management Hightlights

  • In Document Pictures & Video

  • Fully Customizable Digital Inspections

  • Condition Based Notifications

  • Paperless Field Inspections & Manuals

  • Customizable Metrics Dashboard

Quality Management

  • Documentation Management

  • In-App Pictures & Video

  • Specification & Calibration Management

  • Inspection & Test Plan Builder

  • Digital Sign Off & Distribution

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Safety Management System

Learning Management System

Form & Inspection Management

Equipment Management

Where We Excel

Our customizable Safety Management System (SMS) includes organizational charts, accountability systems, policy, procedure, and more. Transfer your forms and procedures, into the software and relax as it automates your safety activities, distributing, collecting, and trending what’s happening in the field.  Review documentation based on sample sizes, or do random audits.  Designed to meet the needs of COR Certification, it’s almost like having a built-in assistant. Because it’s fully scalable, our safety management software will grow with your business linking processes, and people to form action plans that will drive continuous improvement in both the field and the office.

Our Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) is used to administer, track, manage, and report on training within and across organizations. With features like classroom management, training and record management, and role recognition / matrix-based training, and 30, 60, and 90-day expiry notifications, we’re happy to report we’ve bypassed all the complications to deliver one of the most robust systems in operation.  Not only that, but we’ve tied in access to the nations largest online course library.

Our customizable forms and assessments incorporate innovative drag-and-drop technology, allowing companies to build and administer thousands of forms online. With 20+ customizable including GPS location, checkboxes, Likert scales, pictures, video, attendance, condition-based notifications, and calculations in minutes.  At a loss for words?  Administrators or the end users can add images and videos for additional description. Our business management software is universally compatible – and works on any device.  All forms can then be viewed online and printed in PDF format or exported to excel.

Our Asset Management Software is a Lightweight, highly customizable asset management tool.  The days of manually managing documentation are over. Digitize inspections, manuals, parts lists, catalogs, historical data, breakdown trends, and more.  View reports, pictures, or videos of what your people are seeing in the field, and integrate it right into your preventative maintenance forms!  Our online equipment management feature simplifies the management process by centralizing all current and historical data into one easy-to-access location for management and operators alike with minimal setup on the administrative end.

Why Bastion For Your Business Management Software?

  • Experienced Safety & Maintenance Professionals.

  • Powerful Award-Winning Software

  • COR Compliant Safety Management System

  • Unlimited Technical Support

  • The Largest Online Course Library, Nation Wide

  • Recognized Industry Certificates

  • Automated COR Management

  • Universal Software Compatibility

  • Automated Workflows

  • Easy Audit Functionality