What is Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)?

Enterprise asset management (EAM) (also known as “Equipment management” is the optimal lifecycle management of the physical assets of an organization. It covers subjects including the design, construction, commissioning, operations, maintenance and decommissioning or replacement of plant, equipment and facilities.  Equipment owners and operators are obligated to meet many legislative requirements.   Bastion helps drop overall equipment management costs through our innovative asset management system (EAM).  Identify problem equipment, address nuisance breakdowns and which department or personnel are routinely associated with each other.  You can do all this from your phone, tablet or desktop.  Fully track and manage your equipment lifecycle from commissioning to retirement.

Do you need an asset management system (EAM)If you are asking the question, it’s likely you need one.  Whether you own, or service a fleet of mobile equipment or  commercial properties,  it’s near impossible to address maintenance & repair requests, service windows, predictive & preventative maintenance while balancing multiple demands.  An EAM automates maintenance schedules, provides instant access to equipment records & manuals, convenience to technicians, and transparency to equipment managers.

Whatever you choose to call it the benefits of an EAM are undeniable.  They include standardized processes, financial stability, equipment reliability, operator history, equipment transparency, and budget traceability.  These are only a fraction of the benefits associated with asset management.  A well-designed asset management system will overlap into and improve operations, finance, HR and HSE processes, paying dividends in the short, and long-term.

Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in national COR Certification.
Bastion Safety Solutions utilizes an award winning software (2019)
Bastion Safety Solutions uses an award winning software. (2019 Award)
Bastion Safety Solutions uses and award winning software (2020 award)
Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in Alberta COR Certifications

Asset Management: Mobile Equipment

Whether you’re operating a fleet of powered mobile equipment, or 18 wheelers, you’ll need to maintain them.  We provide the best tool for the job.  Manage maintenance and repair activities based on mileage, hours of operation, and equipment condition.  Embed pictures directly into your service documentation.  Get real-time operator updates on equipment condition.  Exclusive QR codes for every piece of equipment, with dedicated inspection forms.  Track breakdowns, schedule routines and keep records, and manufacturer documentation all in one trusty app.

Asset Management: Facility and General Maintenance

Are you a service company managing multiple customers?  How about an Owner with shop or lab equipment to maintain?  Perhaps you’re Managing commercial properties.  Whatever your need, look no further than our asset management system.  Create unlimited client locations & equipment hierarchies.  Embed custom maintenance routines into equipment files, or clients.  Tag assets with QR codes and generate inspections and maintenance documentation on site. Generate custom preventative maintenance forms.  Separate your activities by critical, standard or breakdown specific, and trend your history without to really dig into your equipment issues.

Asset Management: Breakdown Tracking

Unplanned equipment outages result in costly downtime, and production loss.  It’s been said that 1 dollar in well-planned maintenance is equivalent to 3 dollars added back onto revenue.  Bastion can help you get ahead of the curve with a well planned and executed maintenance program, administrated by a light weight, highly customizable asset management system.  Isn’t it time you got ahead of that breakdown curve?  Identify trouble equipment, track nuisance breakdowns and get that equipment repaired, or on the list for capital funds to get it replaced.  Make your business case air tight with our automated trending and analysis tools.

We’ll give you the tools to gain back costly administrative time and automate follow up.  Isn’t it time to make your life easier?

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