The Bastion SMS

The Bastion SMS (Safety Management System) is a perfect solution for small, medium, or large companies, its customizable and packed with advanced features, including COR safety automation, equipment management, industry-recognized training, and world-class training & record management system. Our cloud-based software is designed to meet and exceed the needs of legislation and your business.

What is an SMS?  SMS stands for “Safety Management System“.  Put simply, it is the development, planning, and execution of every part of an organizations safety system.  It generates a lot of documentation, that must be reviewed, tracked, acted upon and finally audited.  An appropriately featured SMS provides employers the ability to store, deliver, and track all of a Company’s required onboarding, training, and expiry dates.  It provides value across all departments within an organization, from HR to Field Execution.

Who Uses an SMS?  A good SMS is used by everyone, at every level of an organization.  Field employees, management, administrators, and executive management can all benefit from the functions of an SMS, including training, statistics, reporting, scheduling and building of custom content.  Each activity completed, or delinquent within the SMS should be tracked and reported on.

Are There Benefits to Having an SMS?  An SMS offers a great deal of flexibility and cost relief compared to traditional paper.  Moving safety management online means there are no lost documents, illness transmission or excuses for not submitting paperwork, all while cutting your administration by 50 to 60%.  Your SMS can is available 24/7, 365 days a year – including off company hours.  That means you’re not paying for an instructor, or for employees to sit in a classroom.  Employees can show up trained and ready to work on day 1.

Bastion SMS Key Features

White Label Image

White Label

White Label Software means We’ll make your SMS look like an extension of your brand, right down to the web address. Integrate it directly into your website, or provide a simple weblink.

Training Management

Our training matrix, and record management software ensures that a certificate won’t expire.  Automated gap analysis, 30,60, 90-day expiry notifications, and excel reporting provide visibility.

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On-Demand Library

The most pivotal part of any training program is content.   We have an extensive on-demand library featuring 700+ Courses – many of which generate an industry-recognized certificate.

SMS Clone Functionality

SMS Clone

Your business is process driven.  Using our process engine and hierarchy technology, we’ll clone your SMS, add automation, accountability, and timed enforcement.

SafeTapp Application Logo

App Enabled

“SafeTapp” syncs up with the Bastion SMS.  It ensures training & certifications instantly sync with the system, and your mobile device – You might call it a digital wallet.

Identity Verification / Proctoring Technology


 “Identity Verification Service” Ensures employees are paying attention to courses and completing them with integrity; all it takes is a webcam and virtual proctoring takes care of the rest.

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You can make your SMS available in multiple languages, including French, English, Spanish, and German.  In addition, you can make online courses available in multiple languages.

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Content Creator

Want a course to call your own?  Create and upload your own courses, orientations and issue a certificate with our user-friendly content management system, or have our Pros do it for you!


Custom, automated reporting, pie charts & bar graphs & tables make it easy to understand.  Create processes & monitor their progress in real time.  Macro information, micro effort.

Bastion Software Standard Features

Universal Compatibility

Laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

App Included

SafeTapp Application Logo

Analytics Included

Bastion Business Management Software

Audit Ready

Audit Checkmark

Complimentary Support

Life Preserver

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