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Safer Workplace, More Clients
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Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in creating custom Health & Safety Management Systems. We help businesses pass audit and gain COR Certification in Alberta.

Bastion Safety Solutions specializes in creating custom Health & Safety Management Systems. We help businesses pass audit and gain COR Certification in Alberta.


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What is COR Certification in Alberta?

COR (Certificate of Recognition) is a program developed by Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) department that certifies employers who have implemented health and safety management systems that meet provincial standards.

The program helps employers reduce incidents and injuries and improve overall safety performance. Employers who become COR certified have demonstrated their commitment to safety by developing and implementing an effective safety program and undergoing a rigorous audit process.

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Our Services

Bastion’s focus is on creating continuity between Your safety management plan and your work activities, eliminating guess work and unnecessary red tape. We also have an optional digital automation engine for your safety, maintenance, onboarding, and other processes so you never miss a signature, or an audit date.


We take the complexity out of COR. We work with the regulator on your behalf and keep you in the loop.

HSE Management system

Custom safety management system we design for the work you do. Low maintenance, guaranteed to meet COR requirements.

Easy Audit System

Bastions Safety Management System (SMS) is designed to be used. Owners, workers and auditors will navigate it with ease.

Digital Safety Management

Automated safety, maintenance, and business activities. Never miss a date, or signature again.

Digital Hazard Assessments

Custom field level hazard assessments (FLHA, PSI’s, JHA’s etc…) with custom workflows built in based on risk, and activity selection.

Safety Consulting

We supply safety personnel, and expertise. On contract, or by the hour.


We have been using Barry and his team as our safety provider for our large volume cabinet manufacturing facility for over 1 year right now. He has improved our processes, helped maintained our COR certification and most importantly improved our safety culture and employee engagement. I highly recommend them to anyone
Stephen Vennard
23:20 28 Jun 23
I've been working with Barry for a couple of years now. He's knowledgeable, personable, and very easy to work with. I would recommend you give him a call and chat with him and I'm certain you'll draw the some conclusions and hire him for your business.
Angella Russell
19:18 04 Mar 23
I've had the opportunity to work with Bastion for over 7 years and have been thoroughly impressed with their level of professionalism and expertise. From the very start, I found Barry knowledgeable, friendly, and made me feel confident in my decision to work with him.The services I received from Bastion were top-notch and exceeded my expectations. Bastion has went above and beyond to ensure that I was completely satisfied with the work they did, and I am grateful for their attention to detail and commitment to excellence.I highly recommend Bastion to anyone in need of their services. They are truly a cut above the rest and I am confident that you will not be disappointed with the quality of their work.
Eric Marchand
19:52 01 Feb 23
We have been using Bastion Safety Services for awhile now. Their services are very up to date with industry demands and their employee/employer portal make it effortless to assign employees with company training requirements. There is a vast library of content to select from, and the staff are very helpful and respond to inquires in a timely manner. It has helped us enhance our company safety compliance.
Terence Omilusik
18:25 31 Jan 23
Dealing with Bastion has been fantastic the knowledge, and expertise they have in the OHS area is unbelievable. The online tools are user friendly, as well they will work with you to ensure thatyour needs are met.I would strongly recommend Barry and his team.
Terry Emmerson
23:15 30 Jan 23
We've been working with Bastion for a few years now and they are fantastic! Great service and so knowledgeable. They go above and beyond to ensure great customer service - this started out being great and has only gotten better over time.
SV Toy
11:36 14 Jan 23
We have been using Bastion for 3 years now and I have nothing but great reviews from everyone in the field up to and including management. With everthing online it makes it easy to fill out forms, make changes to forms as required, or add new forms when operations change. Very professional and quick with any concerns we may have.
David Hughes
15:15 11 Jan 23
Bastion Safety has been excellent. Very responsive and helpful with a fine attention to detail.
Bob Ryder
14:35 11 Jan 23
Bastion Safety Solutions is your one stop for all things HSE. Barry is knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. It is truly a pleasure working with him. highly recommended.
Kent Wilson
03:06 11 Jan 23
Bastion as been excellent to work with. Extremely knowledgeable help with all the safety courses we needed. Would highly recommend them.
Brian Howland
03:00 11 Jan 23
Bastion provides excellent safety services and has enabled us to get our COR.
Sheldon Williams
02:57 11 Jan 23
We have just begun working Bastion but already we can see that this is only the beginning of what will be a long term and positive relationship. Barry has within a month been able to help us to achieve some of our goals that we were working on for the past year. We are so excited to take our safety program to the next level and strive to be leaders in the industry! If I could give more stars I would as Bastion Safety Solutions deserves nothing less than 5 stars.
Duane Simpson
23:42 03 Dec 20
Working with Barry has been absolutely fantastic. He is always quick to assist me with any questions I may have and help me find solutions when needed. We have been down a couple of avenues for our Safety Program that have not gone as planned and Bastion has been the perfect solution for us.
Ashley Simpson
15:41 03 Dec 20
Bastion Safety is place for safety training! I’ve dealt with Barry the owner for many years throughout different projects and he’s always demonstrated a high level professionalism and high quality of work. Highly recommend!
Kevin McBride
18:03 28 Aug 20
Bastion has been an insurmountable help on getting us to where we need to be in an age of technology. I look forward to the continued use of their services and sound advice.
Matthew Peace
20:40 21 Aug 20

Who is eligible to get COR certification?

COR Certification is achievable for almost any company. To get started, you’ll need a compliant health & safety management system, and proof that it is operational.

More than 10 employees

COR Certification – A company of any size can achieve COR Status. It is by far the more recognizable of the COR Certifications.

Less than 10 employees

SECOR (Small Employer Certificate of Recognition) is for companies of 10 or less employees.

Benefits of COR Certification in Alberta

COR Has its benefits, with guaranteed 10% rebates on your WCB insurance in the first year, and the ability to achieve up to 40% through participation thereafter. Paired with the ability to bid bigger contracts for larger organizations, your COR certification can pay for itself in Year 1.

Steps to get COR Certification in Alberta

Preparation for COR starts with choosing a “Certifying Partner”, then developing a safety management system that accurately represents the full scope of your work activities, including policy, practices, procedures, and codes of practice. The next step involves an initial submission, then a temporary approval followed by an annual audit.


Choose a Certifying Partner +
The Auditor of your safety program, that best represents your target industry.


Develop a safety management system according to their requirements.

Initial Audit

Submit your safety management system to the certifying partner for initial review.


The auditor will always provide feedback and often require changes.

How much does COR certification cost in Alberta?

There is significant variation on pricing for COR certification in Alberta. We’ve seen pricing range from 350 – 15,000+.

BE CAREFUL who you choose to partner with to develop your COR manual – Many safety management systems are copied and pasted and will not meet current COR standards. As the old adage says… you get what you pay for.

Industries We Service









About Bastion Safety Solutions

Bastion specializes in simplifying safety, maintenance, and business process automation through a cloud & app-based software. Practically speaking, preparation for COR is really preparing for an audit, so there must be an understanding of the activities and their records, as well as the frequencies with which to apply them. Then, as an option, we have the software deliver and track completions in real time.

Who We Serve

Bastion operates country wide, with extensive experience in North, South, and Central Alberta. Our clients include many industries, like construction, manufacturing, agriculture, energy and more. (Essence Cabinets & Closets, Element steel, Graham Construction, Worley, Techmation, General Crane, Provincial Electrical Services).

Subject Matter Experts

Bastions origins come from about 2008, but really took shape in 2013. Our roots are in operations, and maintenance. We view organizational safety as an indicator of company health & maturity. A poorly operating safety program will have repercussions that reach far beyond injury. It’s best to identify symptoms early and address them.

Safety that Makes Sense

Running a business takes a lot of work. Lots of paper, signatures, proposals, investigations, and MISTAKES. Our goal is to reduce the administrative load of client safety programs and provide unparalleled visibility to safety activities.

Our mission

Equipping employers with the tools they need to be competitive in modern market.

Our vision

Safety Management designed for owners and workers. Easy to understand, navigate, and audit.

Our goals

Increased company safety literacy, access, and client value for investment.

Why choose us?

COR Certification in Alberta is a sweeping term that encompasses 10 regulators, thousands of industries, and millions of tasks. Breaking them all down, and rolling them out into a single system that is easy for Owners and workers is no easy task.

Why do it alone?

Let us help, and get your temporary certificate in weeks, instead of months, or years.


What does it mean to be COR certified?

Essentially, COR Certified means you have prepared a Health & safety management system (HSMS) that has been evaluated (audited) by your certifying partner that complies with the written COR standard. Then there are some one time, and ongoing requirements.

  • One time: HSMS must pass an initial documentation audit (to ensure it meets the standard).
  • A second audit must be completed by a peer auditor within 3 to 6 months that involves detailed site visits, observations of worker practices, and review of field conditions.
  • Complete annual compliance audits and submit them to the certifying partner.
Is COR mandatory?

COR is not mandatory; however, it does have a significant impact on the size & quality of your clientele.

How soon can my company get COR certification?

Within 1 month. If clients choose our “Turbo COR” package, it can be as little as 2 weeks.

How long is COR certification valid?

A COR Certification runs on a 3-year audit cycle. There is 1 audit per year, with 2 years of the cycle being audited internally (someone within your organization), and 1 external audit (Peer or consultant auditor).

Does COR certification need to be updated?

Your safety program should be considered a living document. As your organization takes on new or different forms of work, it should develop hazard assessments to address the new hazards discovered.

What is COR training?

“COR Training” indicates the minimum level of education required by 1 person at your organization. The 4 mandatory courses are:

  • Principles of Health and Safety Management
  • Leadership in Safety
  • Alberta Legislation Awareness
  • Auditor Training Program
Can my company prepare for COR on its own?

You can prepare for COR on your own, though it can be quite a challenge.

What is a “Certifying Partner”

Certifying Partners administer the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program to Alberta employers. Choose a Certifying Partner that has the right fit for your company and industry.

Do you do Digital Hazard Assessments (FLHA’s, PSI’s, etc…)

Yes, we do! We have one of the most advanced app-based hazard assessment available tools in the marketplace.

Is COR Expensive?

When done right, COR is not expensive to operate. WCB rebates flow back in to the organization to backfill the cost of implementing and maintaining the system.

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