COR Certification

What is a COR Certification? A COR is a “Certificate of Recognition”. It is awarded to a company in recognition that their “Health and Safety Management System” (HSMS) has been evaluated by a certified auditor, and meets provincial standards. Put more simply, you meet the minimum criteria to be recognized as having a functional safety program. That being said, it’s important to understand that though there are many similarities among safety programs, one size doesn’t fit all.

Why should you get a COR Certification? Think about your safety program as a tool. The purpose of any tool is to make a job easier and achieve success more readily. That’s exactly what your safety program should do for you. Its primary purpose is to ensure the well-being of your workers, and therefore your business. As an added benefit, when designed well it should enhance planning and execution throughout your organization. If it doesn’t…You’ve likely got the wrong tool for the job.

Are There Advantages to Getting a COR? Definitely. Be sure to check out our “Few Benefits of COR Certification” note on this page, and our article “How COR’s are Winning Work”.

How Do We Start? The journey to every COR certification starts with a Bastions proprietary COR onboarding system. After onboarding, we engage the certifying partner for a “Temporary Letter of Certification” (TLC), meaning you can be bidding on COR contracts in a matter of weeks. The remaining tasks required to obtain a full COR are fulfilled within a grace period which is then followed by an audit – which you can approach with confidence.

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Benefits of COR:

  • Access to more, and larger clients.
  • Significant WCB savings (up to 40%).
  • Reduced workplace injuries, higher morale.
  • Access to the same workflows and procedures as your competitors.

Why Partner with Bastion for your COR Certification?

Implementing a COR-compliant health and safety management system can be a daunting task. Maintaining it can be complex and raise a lot of questions. What forms do I need? How long do I keep documentation for? Which documents need management review, and which ones don’t? Who in the company is responsible for what? Bastion has experience in industrial, commercial, and residential settings. We work closely with you to meet the specific needs of your business, without going over the top.

Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) Features

Audit Checkmark

Bastions Easy Audit System

Bastions’ “Easy Audit” COR certification makes for simple interpretation and application of your health and safety management system. We’ll ensure you meet the intent of every COR requirement, without going overboard. In addition to meeting COR requirements, we’ll put all that information into your manual, so you don’t have to keep coming back to the well. Breeze through inspections and audits, no questions asked.

Scalable Safety System

Fully Scalable Safety Management Solution

Small, medium, or large, Bastion has a Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) specifically for your organization. Customized to scale with your organization, you’ll have everything you need when you need it. Rest easier knowing you have the ability to scale up, or down your activity based on your headcount. In fact, its especially important for seasonal work, and the construction industry.

Safety Management System Implementation Guide

Implementation Guide & Startup Support

Designed with simplicity in mind, every COR safety system we create comes with an implementation guide. You will get line-by-line instructions with descriptions for every task you must fulfill to obtain, and maintain your COR certification. Likewise regardless of your safety knowledge when you start, you can address safety inquiries quickly, and maintain audit readiness simply by referencing our easy-to-use implementation tools.

Safety Management System on a mobile phone and tablet.

Digital Safety Management

Every COR Certification, and safety management system we design has a digital counterpart. Our COVID safe contactless software is app-enabled, universally compatible, and can automate every process in your organization (not just safety). Say the word, and we’ll flip on the digital version of your HSMS. Automate your entire program with our award-winning software, proven to cut costs and improve performance.

Safety is Built in to Success.  Contact Us.