Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of answers to frequently asked questions.  Please contact us if we have not answered your question here.

What does it mean to be COR certified?

Essentially, COR Certified means you have prepared a Health & safety management system (HSMS) that has been evaluated (audited) by your certifying partner that complies with the written COR standard. Then there are some one time, and ongoing requirements.

  • One time: HSMS must pass an initial documentation audit (to ensure it meets the standard).
  • A second audit must be completed by a peer auditor within 3 to 6 months that involves detailed site visits, observations of worker practices, and review of field conditions.
  • Complete annual compliance audits and submit them to the certifying partner.
Is COR mandatory?

COR is not mandatory; however, it does have a significant impact on the size & quality of your clientele.

How soon can my company get COR certification?

Within 1 month. If clients choose our “Turbo COR” package, it can be as little as 2 weeks.

How long is COR certification valid?

A COR Certification runs on a 3-year audit cycle. There is 1 audit per year, with 2 years of the cycle being audited internally (someone within your organization), and 1 external audit (Peer or consultant auditor).

Does COR certification need to be updated?

Your safety program should be considered a living document. As your organization takes on new or different forms of work, it should develop hazard assessments to address the new hazards discovered.

What is COR training?

“COR Training” indicates the minimum level of education required by 1 person at your organization. The 4 mandatory courses are:

  • Principles of Health and Safety Management
  • Leadership in Safety
  • Alberta Legislation Awareness
  • Auditor Training Program
Can my company prepare for COR on its own?

You can prepare for COR on your own, though it can be quite a challenge.

What is a “Certifying Partner”

Certifying Partners administer the Certificate of Recognition (COR) program to Alberta employers. Choose a Certifying Partner that has the right fit for your company and industry.

Do you do Digital Hazard Assessments (FLHA’s, PSI’s, etc…)

Yes, we do! We have one of the most advanced app-based hazard assessment available tools in the marketplace.

Is COR Expensive?

When done right, COR is not expensive to operate. WCB rebates flow back in to the organization to backfill the cost of implementing and maintaining the system.

Why Online Safety training?

Fast, Efficient, Effective Training Solutions.  Cutting edge, all-in-one safety training enables:

  • Access to over 500 online safety training programs that support safety and compliance
  • Printable certificates from anywhere (no cost for reprints)
  • Flexible training – no scheduling classroom sessions. Train at home or work.
  • Free online tracking of courses on our easy-to-use system.
  • Corporate Accounts:  Create your own program from our training database!
Do you offer discounts?

You bet we do.  Whether your company is big or small, we’ll work with you to develop a customized training package that fits just right. Discounts may be negotiated for volume purchases or through our “All Access” programs.

Contact us to find out more about our Corporate Account Programs.

What are your Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?

Click here for Terms & Conditions.

Click here for Privacy Policy

I need help with Learning Management System/navigation/technical issues

Call technical support at 1(866)416 1660 or via email at help@bistrainer.com

Can I demo your online safety solution for my company?

Yes!  Free test accounts are available to trial any feature on the system.

Contact us and we will set this up!

I need help with Online courses, registration or payments

Call technical support at 1(866)416 1660 or via email at help@bistrainer.com

How do I print my online certificate?

Certificates are printable when the online course is completed. Both a wallet and wall-sized certificate are generated automatically.

System administrators can access employee certificates via the Reporting tab.

How do I register & pay for online safety courses?

Online Safety Courses: Registration and payment is available 24 hours/day ONLINE via credit card. Your online course is available immediately following online payment.  You only pay for courses that your employees complete.

You can purchase your online courses here.

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