Mining Safety Training ($ / Hr)

$4195per Training Hour
  • 28 Hours of Training, all Levels (Before Electives).
  • Total Program Cost: $1,164.15

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Mining Training

Deep in the underground.  And we’re not talking about indie rock.  We’re talking diamonds, ore, and oil-sands.  Miners are a tough group of people, and it’s a good thing, because its a tough job. You make one mistake to many, and you don’t get to go home.  Mining training is about having a productive day and making sure you get home, and stay healthy, long term.

Mining is a broad term, so the training itself is geared towards fundamentals that you expect to see in most mining scenarios.  We have assembled mining training using  a 5 level curriculum of 16 compulsory & 20+ optional elective courses to help meet the needs of the industry.  We’ve touched on topics that are specific to mining training, and some that are fundamental to the workforce in general.  You can expect to see mining basics such as job-site re-requisites, excavations, confined spaces, electrical safety, and other necessary industry skills.

Keep in mind, that for courses based on “Equipment Operation” (ie: Forklift), “Life Safety”(ie: Body Harness) or “Life Preservation” (ie: Standard First Aid) Worker competency must be proven before a person can be considered fully trained.  Competency evaluations are attached to each course requiring one in our database. Just be sure you have a competent person evaluating.  For more information on competency, you can give us a call or read up on it, as described by the COAA here…

Have a look at the packages below.  All training can packages can be reviewed through logging in to our site.  They can be taken as is, or mixed and matched with content from our online training library.

All training can be viewed by logging into the site via the “Sign Up” Button on each of the packages.

Mining Training & Pricing

Mining Training Level 1

$22480per lvl
  • Jobsite Pre-Requisites
  • 4 Online Courses (7 Hours)
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Mining Training Level 2

$25980per lvl
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • 4 Online Courses (6 Hours)
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Mining Training Level 3

$25985per lvl
  • Excavations & Confined Spaces
  • 3 Online Courses (4 Hours)
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Mining Training Level 4

$19485per lvl
  • Heights & Lifting Equipment
  • 3 Online Courses (6 Hours)
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Mining Training Level 5

$22485per lvl
  • Advanced Fundamentals
  • 3 Online Courses (6 Hours)
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Our “Continuous Learning Program” is designed to “Bolt on” to industry based training.  Try it on for size.  We think you’ll like it!

What is Industry Based Training?

Industry based training is built from modules of hand picked courses by workers employed in Your particular industry.  The online training for each industry has been customized to serve the particular industry being discussed.  We include modules for work at heights, excavations and equipment, occupational exposure and many more.  With packages serving 11 industries, you are almost sure to find what you need.

Don’t see Your industry?  No worries.  Contact us, and we’ll build a curriculum just for your Business!

Easily create and administrate your own full training programs for all levels of staff!

Choose From 11 different industries, or create your own!