Leadership Certificate ($/Hr)

$4153per Training Hour
  • 30 Hours of Training, all Levels (Before Electives).

Leadership Bundle

$1,2390020 Courses
  • 30 Hours of Training

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What’s an Internal Leadership Certification (ILC)?

As a Leader within a company, there are dozens of legislation’s that place you at risk should a workplace incident occur. An internal certificate program helps meet legislative requirements, protects workers and the bottom line.

The Internal Leadership Certification gives you the ability to train leaders, giving them the necessary “tools” to know & understand legislation, and gain industry skill while tailoring the training to suit the needs of your organization or industry.  To give you a “leg up” we have designed multiple curriculum up front including compulsory and elective content which allows Leadership the freedom to assign mandatory training, and the learner the freedom to engage in self directed learning.  All of our programs can be further customized or curated through our online course library to tailor them directly to your needs.

Finally, as a program Administrator, you have the ability to design, input and host your own training material – from a customized on boarding package, power point presentation, or even fully functional “SCORM” formats.

This truly is one of the most robust training solutions in industry today.

Leadership Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program ($ / Hr)

$2997per Training Hour
  • Averaged Across 11 Industries

…Why does leadership require maintenance?  It’s been recognized throughout industry…and life, that superior leaders all have common traits.  Among them, is the desire to continue learning & growing.  Our “Internal Leadership Certification” wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t have a way to upkeep a leaders skills.

Enter our Maintenance program. The program engages leadership in training activities relevant to their industry, and professional development. The strength of the program is in its flexibility. Structured around “Maintenance Points”, annual training requirements are assigned through “points goals” that are assigned based on a Workers position within the chain of command. Participants earn points through completion of Company assigned curriculum.  Check out just a few of our elective content categories.

·       Free Safety Knowledge Evaluations ·       Legislative Requirements
·       Industrial Hygiene ·       Equipment & Excavations
·       Working at Heights ·       Hazard Recognition & Control
·       I-CAB Approved Training ·       CEU Approved Training

The Maintenance Program is Designed to Bolt on to the “Internal Leadership Certification”.  Choose what You Need, or Become an Industry Leader.

Maintenance Programs & Pricing per Industry (More Industries Available)


$2997$ / training hour
  • 14 Courses
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Health Care

$3397$ / training hour
  • 13 Courses
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Industrial Construction

$3646$ / training hour
  • Up to 19 Courses
  • Ind / Com / Res
  • Per Learner

Oil & Gas

$3923$ / training hour
  • 22 Courses
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Facilities Maintenance

$3458$ / training hour
  • 16 Courses
  • + Electives
  • Per Learner

Choose From 11 different industries, or create your own!

What is Internal Leadership Training?

Internal Leadership Training is an excellent way to supplement the training of your organizations current leaders, as well as a way to on-board new leaders.  It is the opportunity to use industry best practice training, and couple it with content specific to your operations.  We offer online content for safety, labor codes, leadership, time management, industrial hygiene and more.

Internal Leadership Training is truly one of the best ways to prepare your leaders for the rigors of the workplace, and protect yourself from the losses incurred by incidents.

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Choose From 11 different industries, or create your own!