Leadership Training ($ / Hr)

$41per Training Hour
  • 30 Hours of Training, all Levels (Before Electives).
  • Total Program Cost: $1,239.00

Leadership Training – Management & Supervision

Successful construction companies know what it takes to stay at the top.  Among the list of “Must Do’s” is investing in their leadership, and maintaining a safe work site. (Have you ever noticed there are NO non-COR certified companies at the top?).  Bastions 4 module leadership training is designed to give you an edge, with an education that leaders need the most, including essential leadership skills, managing workers & clients, legislation & obligations, and safety & emergency management.  Each module has been assembled to meet or exceed industry standards with content built by industry certifying partners, and also certified by the international competency assessment board.  An unparalleled value when compared to the cost of a bad call in the field…which can range from arbitration & litigation to lost production & rework.  Not to mention the high cost of turnover. Retraining due to replacement costs can be excessive.  Take an opportunity to invest in yourself, or your people, and sign up for leadership training.

Online Supervisory training is a safe effective training method.  Hands-free administration, allows you to “Set it & Forget it” when it comes to your training matrix.  You can update, report, or know an individual’s progress in seconds.

You can dig deeper into the training by clicking on the “Learn More” link below.  Each module can stand alone or can be supplemented with training from our online training library.

Leadership Training & Pricing

Construction Leadership Lvl 1

$21590per Learner
  • Essential Leadership Skills
  • 3 Online Courses (9.5 Hours)
  • Add Electives

Construction Leadership Lvl 2

$18985per Learner
  • Managing Workers & Clients
  • 3 Online Courses (3.5 Hours)
  • Add Electives

Construction Leadership Lvl 3

$22985per Learner
  • Legislation & Obligations
  • 3 Online Courses (3.5 Hours)
  • Add Electives

Construction Leadership Lvl 14

$18585per Learner
  • Safety & Emergency Management
  • 7.5 Online Courses (4 Hours)
  • Add Electives

Our “Continuous Learning Program” is designed to “Bolt on” to industry based training.  Try it on for size.  We think you’ll like it!

What is Occupationally Based Training?

Occupation based training is training selected for various lines of work, according to the hazards that occupation might face.  As you might expect, the hazards an electrician might face are very real, but are also very different from those a carpenter, or equipment operator might face.  The training modules have been built by workers who work in the occupation selected, and give a great deal of insight into each occupation.

Online training makes it easy, and worth while.  Use our packages, or develop your own!

Easily create and administrate your own full training programs for all levels of staff!

Choose From 11 different industries, or create your own!