Asbestos Awareness

$2995per Learner
  • 60 Minutes of Training
  • Educate Workers Regarding the Dangers Asbestos, or Materials that May Contain it.

Asbestos Awareness Training:

What you should know about this Asbestos Training:

This informative Asbestos Awareness course teaches learners about the dangers of Asbestos, and the potential for it to be found in some unlikely places, including water piping, drywall plaster or floor & ceiling tiles.  This course will walk workers through the hazards presented by asbestos, the national standard regarding it, and how to protect yourself from potential exposure.

See the table below for learning expectations & certificate requirements.

Keep in mind, that for courses based on “Equipment Operation” (ie: Forklift), “Life Safety”(ie: Body Harness) or “Life Preservation” (ie: Standard First Aid) Worker competency must be proven before a person can be considered fully trained.  Competency evaluations are attached to each course requiring one in our database. Just be sure you have a competent person evaluating.  For more information on competency, you can give us a call or read up on it, as described by the COAA here…

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Learning Expectations Certificate Awarded upon Successful Completion
  • Hazards of asbestos
  • Asbestos Standard
  • Composition and nature of asbestos
  • Types of materials that may contain asbestos, and where they are encountered
  • How to protect yourself when disturbing a material that may contain asbestos
  • Air monitoring and decontamination

Course Preview & Courses that Work Well with Asbestos Awareness Training

Occupational Disease

$4995per Learner
  • 1 Hour of Training
  • Understanding risks for A Variety of Workplace Exposures.

Respiratory Protection

$6995per Learner
  • 30 Minutes of Training
  • Recognize & Response to Respiratory Hazards

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