Formal Workplace Inspections

$4495per Learner
  • 2 Hours of Training
  • Tools & Knowledge to Conduct Accurate Workplace Inspections.

Formal Inspection Training

What you should know about Formal Inspection Training:

  • Formal workplace inspections are about the collective team (Workforce & Management) observing, and understanding hazards, and their associated risks in the work place.  Once these the hazards are adequately identified, we can formulate controls to keep all of us safe.
  • A formal inspection is more than just checking off boxes on paper.  It’s about looking out for the next person who works in an area, and making sure everyone goes home to their family, or passions.
  • This course teaches the tools and knowledge needed to conduct an effective workplace inspection.

Keep in mind, that for courses based on “Equipment Operation” (ie: Forklift), “Life Safety”(ie: Body Harness) or “Life Preservation” (ie: Standard First Aid) Worker competency must be proven before a person can be considered fully trained.  Competency evaluations are attached to each course requiring one in our database. Just be sure you have a competent person evaluating.  For more information on competency, you can give us a call or read up on it, as described by the COAA here…

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Learning Expectations Certificate Awarded upon Successful Completion
  • What hazards and safety inspections are
  • The frequency with which inspections should occur
  • Steps for pre-planning an inspection
  • Hazards to look for and guidelines to follow during an inspection
  • Helpful strategies for completing an inspection report
  • Corrective actions that can be taken to deal with hazards
  • Techniques for submitting and presenting recommendations following an inspection
  • Follow-up and monitoring activities that must occur after an inspection

Course Preview & What Works Well with the Formal Workplace Inspection Course

Joint Health and Safety Committees

$7595per Learner
  • 1 Hour of Training
  • This course is approved by the Government of Alberta for the training of HSCs/HSRs.

OH&S and the Law for Supervisors

$9995per Learner
  • 2 Hours of Training
  • I-CAB Certified

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