CORs are Winning Work! – How Safety Contributes to More Clients.

Do you want to come out of the slow times like a champ? Here’s how.

Focus on a championship routine. If you are anything like the rest of the world…your work ebbs and flows. You have busy times…and you have slow times. In the BUSY times, we’re often too busy to engage in opportunities to improve our business, and in the SLOW times…well…we’re all focused elsewhere.

Let’s look at it in terms of a metaphor. If your company was a “Boxer” the BUSY times would be the “Big Fight”. Boxers spend months prepping for their night in the ring. They are focused on nutrition, training, studying their opponent’s style. All the while, with one goal in mind…Winning. However, when the fight is over, regardless of the outcome, a champion’s daily routine doesn’t change much. They are back in the gym within a couple of days, grinding away, honing their skills so they can be ready for the next fight. And EVERYONE knows, you don’t become a champion overnight. The quality of a champion is defined by the strength of their routine.

What is a COR? Learn Here:

Recessions, and pandemics are definitely slow times. But winners know when to “get on the gas”. In this adversity, there is opportunity.

Have you considered how you plan to get back on top? Remember the part where the champ is back in the gym, grinding away? That’s the routine. What you do today, will greatly contribute to your success when things speed up again. (And it will).

When it’s your time for the “Big Show”, if you want to finish up a champ, you’ve got to be prepared. The truth is, you can’t adequately prepare for fight night while you’re in the middle of the fight. You are going to have to commit to some form of improvement. And that’s best done when things are slower, and the pace is manageable.

Speaking in terms of your business, there are a few different ways to contribute to a championship routine. One of them is a solid safety program. Because a COR (Certificate of Recognition) is the standard for industry safety programs, it is where you should start. Honestly speaking, if you want to increase the volume, or quality of your clients, but don’t have a COR, its likely you won’t be considered regardless of how much time you’ve put into your “Routine”.

Likewise, if you try to slam your COR through in order to qualify for a big bid, you’ll incur some serious costs, and then be lost in terms of how to run it when you are in the middle of YOUR “Big Fight”. That being the case – this note is to perhaps help with a bit of perspective. While many businesses are “Shelling up” to protect themselves, (boxing term) and hoping to ride out the pandemic, there are those out there that are preparing for when it’s over – and how to come out swinging. They have committed to a championship routine.

Partnering with BASTION for your Safety Program brings strategic advantages not found elsewhere in the industry. We’ll make the process of getting your COR and maintaining it almost seamless, using our software to drive your COR processes, and build it out into much, much more.

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1. WCB Discounts – Discounts on their WCB rates of up to 40%

2. Competitive Advantages: Reduced premiums result in larger profits.

3. Increased Client Base: Access to bigger jobs & more exclusive Clients.

4. Reduced Risk: In bids, insurance for both employers and the employee.

5. Efficiency Improvements: Establish workflows that support all facets of the business – not just safety.